Amazon Stops Stocking and Shipping some Products

Dear Customers and Amazon sellers,

We wish to draw your attention to the fact that Amazon announced that it will stop stocking and shipping all non-medical and non-essential supplies from its warehouses until April 5.

This means that medical goods, baby products, and groceries will now be prioritized amid the Covid-19 pandemic as they try to manage the surge in online orders.

While we acknowledge and commend this move by Amazon to cope with the sudden spike in demand, we are making this announcement to help businesses whose products fall outside the prioritized categories identified by Amazon.

In support of Amazon’s announcement, Autofulfil Ltd. is working to dispatch non-prioritized Amazon goods i.e. other direct-to-consumer product orders.

Our order fulfillment system is fully compatible with Amazon to facilitate this initiative.

We recognize the potential impact that this could have on businesses that fall outside the scope of prioritized goods. Those business owners and employees whose livelihood depends on their online trade. We also invite other 3PL’s around the Globe do likewise.

On that note, I invite you to read articles published on this topic in the public domain:

Let’s continue to help each other during these challenging times.

Better times lie ahead – In the meantime keep safe!

From the team at Autofulfil.

Should you require assistance please do not hesitate to reach out.