13 Apr 2020

Coronavirus - Covid-19 updates


Autofulfil continues to monitor the Covid-19 situation carefully.

During this time, we are working with our customers and partners to ensure that we can maintain our service while prioritising the health and safety of our team, our customers and the wider public.

Thus far, we have had no suspected cases reported. Should this change we will report this to HSE and follow their guidance immediately.

At this time, visitors to our sites will be limited to key supply chain partners. This is necessary in order to ensure that we have traceability in the event of an outbreak.

Should your own business be impacted by Covid-19, please contact us at:

  1. Sales@autofulfil.com

  2. info@autofulfil.com or

  3. customerservice@autofilful.com

Going forward Autofulfil will closely monitor our partner updates:

Likewise, we will continue to monitor both international and national health advisors:

The primary objective of the Autofulfil management team is to look after those we are responsible for – Our team, our partners, our clients, and the public - our client’s customers.

Thank you for your support during this difficult time.


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