Education fulfillment services

From early learning and those formative school years to college, university, and adult learning, education is paramount in countries across the globe. With an annual growth rate exceeding 10%, there’s no sign of the education market slowing down. That means lots of big opportunities for any business selling educational supplies.

If your current school supplies operation is holding you back, creating problems, or just taking up too much of your time, Autofulfil can help. We provide fast, accurate fulfillment services for educational products in Ireland, Europe, and across the globe. With our help, you can win back time and improve your customer experience no end.


Fulfillment for a wide range of education materials

Whether you’re selling to educators, retailers, or direct to students, Autofulfil’s fulfillment and distribution services can help. Our experienced team has assisted countless ambitious brands, including – Ireland’s top school books and education supplies company.

Our state-of-the–art facility in Ireland is fully equipped to store all kinds of educational supplies, from classroom technology to educational publishing items. But that’s not all.

Here’s a breakdown of what we can do for your business:

Managing inventory

Going beyond storage, we inspect everything that arrives at our facility and check all inventory into our system to monitor stock levels and take a weight off your shoulders.

Order pick and pack

When sales come in, we’ll promptly pick and pack items for each customer. We use sustainable packaging to do our bit for the environment and improve the image of your brand.

Assembly and kitting services

Let us kit items together as a single, sellable product or assemble them based on customers’ orders, so you can maximise sales with special offers or even subscription boxes.

Ship to customers

We’ll ship directly to clients on your behalf. You’ll benefit from fast delivery, real-time tracking, and even reduced shipping costs thanks to our collective buying power with major carriers.

Returns management

Our team can process returned items and re-package as sellable inventory for your online store. Or we can return them to you if faults are found – the choice is yours.

Take advantage of our logistics essentials for the education industry

Ship to customers throughout Ireland, Europe, and further afield from our strategic location in Ireland
High-capacity warehouse and fulfillment centre, so you can scale up and down based on demand
Cutting-edge software and tools to ensure accurate fulfillment and complete visibility
Established shipping network for fast, cost-effective delivery to practically any destination
Eco-conscious approach, extending from carbon-neutral shipping to each sustainable package
Bespoke fulfillment process including kitting services and personal touches for your brand
Fulfillment Services in Ireland

Why Autofulfil for inventory management and fulfillment?

Autofulfil has a wealth of experience in logistics, warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution services for education materials. We’ve been working with for many years, helping them grow and scale their school books business. Our bespoke process includes applying custom covers to school books before sending them to customers.

We can do the same for you – taking care of every last detail, improving your fulfillment process, and helping you expand beyond your current operation. From secure inventory storage to high-quality packaging, we leave no stone unturned to delight each consumer and keep customers coming back to your store.

To minimise legwork on your end, we’ll integrate your eCommerce store with our warehouse management system, so orders come straight through to our team. Expect fast and accurate fulfillment with an order accuracy rate and same-day fulfillment rate of 99.9%.


Benefits of our tried-and-tested fulfillment process

Win back time

From inventory storage to effective logistics, we take jobs off your plate to free up your time.

Focus on what you do best

Let our facility take care of fulfillment, so you can focus on research, product development, sales, and marketing.

Wave goodbye to warehouse hassle

No need to fork out or commit to additional warehouse space. Scale up or down as needed with our flexible resources.

Custom packaging and more

Make a name for yourself in the industry with fulfillment services tailored to your brand.

Always cost-effective

Get a great deal for shipping to any destination. Not to mention clear costs for inventory warehousing and fulfillment.

See real-time data

Our intuitive client portal gives you all the data and analytics you need at your fingertips.

Ready to grow?

Whether you’re selling to schools, shops, or students, Autofulfil can make things easier and more efficient. Contact our team to talk more about your requirements. We can create a bespoke quote based on your inventory management and fulfillment needs – and you can get started in as little as a week.