Beauty and cosmetics fulfillment in Europe

The global beauty industry grew from $438 billion in 2020 to $511 billion in 2021. One of the key drivers of this explosive growth? The rapid shift to online sales during the Covid-19 pandemic. 18% of this global market share comes from western Europe, making Europe a lucrative market for beauty and cosmetics sales.

With the rise of eCommerce sales in the industry, it’s important for beauty brands to find experienced eCommerce fulfillment partners to help meet the high standards and demands of online shoppers. A solid eCommerce fulfillment strategy is essential to meeting these demands.

A European beauty and cosmetics fulfilment strategy requires several factors to be successful, including:

Strategic location and relationships in Europe for fast fulfillment and shipping

Flexible fulfillment capacities to scale up and down as order volumes fluctuate

Secure packaging for fragile product delivery

Product kitting and assembly for product bundles like gift sets, influencer sets, and subscription boxes

High-quality, custom packaging for a unique unboxing experience

Sustainable packaging and carbon-neutral shipping to meet the growing demand for sustainable shopping

Why choose Autofulfil for beauty and cosmetics fulfillment?

We have been specialising in beauty and cosmetics fulfillment in Ireland and Europe for many years, helping several beauty brands grow and scale their sales internationally since 2014.

We fulfill 99.7% of our orders same-day with a 99.8% accuracy rate using our automated eCommerce platform integration, for fulfillment you can rely on.

Our location in Ireland provides easy access to the European market, with quick shipping across the continent through our shipping carrier network, and an English-speaking team that’s easy to communicate with.

We’re a flexible fulfillment partner, with the ability to scale inventory and fulfillment capacity up and down to meet fluctuating order volumes, including high-capacity scaling during peak seasons like Black Friday and the holiday shopping season.

We specialise in hands-on services, such as product kitting and assembly, as well as custom packaging for a high-quality and memorable experience for your customers.

Our packaging is secure and sustainable, and we offer carbon-neutral shipping for every order we fulfill.

Benefits of working with Autofulfil for beauty and cosmetics fulfillment

In addition to improving customer satisfaction and revenue, our service provides powerful business benefits for your beauty brand, including:

Saving you time
Reducing your operational complexity
Enabling you to focus more on product development, marketing, & sales growth

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