Custom/bespoke fulfillment services for a special touch

We do more than simply pick and pack orders. Autofulfil specialises in custom, hands-on services to create a unique and memorable customer experience for your brand.

From special projects to custom packaging, we offer flexible customisation options and can partner with you to provide innovative fulfillment solutions to meet any need.

custom bespoke fulfillment services
custom bespoke fulfillment solutions

Some of our custom/bespoke fulfillment solutions include:

  • Promotional inserts
  • Thank you cards
  • Gift sets and gift baskets
  • Special packaging and wrapping, such as putting items into bags and branded boxes, adding tissue paper, tying ribbons and bows, or any other special packaging required for a special unboxing experience.
  • Corporate gifting
  • High-touchpoint, hands-on projects
  • Product assembly and rework, such as adding stickers and labels for different countries, etc.
  • Garment steaming
Don’t see the service you need listed here? We work with our clients as innovation partners to develop custom-tailored services every day. Contact our fulfillment experts to see if we can make your fulfillment dreams a reality.

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