B2B fulfillment in Ireland and Europe

In addition to fulfilling direct-to-consumer eCommerce orders, Autofulfil also provides business-to-business (B2B) fulfillment services for clients who need to stock and ship inventory to distributors or business clients.

B2B fulfillment often consists of shipping products in bulk on pallets made up of mixed product SKUs via freight shipping. These orders may come in outside of your eCommerce platform, but we can process them manually via our client portal.

b2b fulfillment ireland and europe

The unique challenges of B2B fulfillment

B2B fulfillment goes beyond the challenges that most businesses deal with. Aside from inventory management and basic order fulfillment, B2B sellers need bulk boxes of their products to be palletised and prepared with unique labelling requirements for their clients – which can range from small pharmacies and medium-sized businesses like retail department stores all the way up to major supermarkets.


b2b shipping preparation for fulfillment


All of this makes fulfilling orders in-house highly difficult. But it can also make it hard to find a suitable fulfillment partner. Fortunately, Autofulfil has a wealth of experience fulfilling wholesale orders for a long list of B2B and D2C clients.

Our B2B fulfillment service caters to the unique preparation and packaging needs of both you as a distributor and your clients as the receiving business. We’ve established long-term relationships in B2B fulfillment thanks to our wide-ranging capabilities, attention to detail with order fulfillment, and attentive customer service.

Why outsource to Autofulfil?

On time and accurate

With a 99.9% rate for same-day fulfillment and order accuracy, you can rely on Autofulfil to take care of B2B fulfillment and D2C orders.

Increased efficiency

Having more time for sales and marketing can be the key difference between you and your competitors.

Everything taken care of

As well as integrating with your eCommerce site, we can process purchase orders manually through our intuitive client portal.

Effective shipping methods

We’ll assist with suitable haulage to ensure on-time delivery while minimising shipping costs by leveraging our buying power.

Clear, affordable pricing

From storage to shipping and everything in between, our pricing is clear and simple from the get-go, so you know where you stand.

Room to grow

Don’t be concerned by a growing market. With our 100,000 sq ft fulfillment centre, you have the freedom to scale up or down as needed.

Our B2B fulfillment services

We can provide hands-on services to prepare your B2B shipments to meet the unique receiving requirements of your business clients, including:

Kitting & bundling

Package labelling including additional barcodes (distributor dependent.

Palletisation requirements

Printing and adding additional barcodes (distributor depending

Coordinating timed deliveries

Special packaging

Coordinating outer or bulk-outer barcodes where applicable

Printing B2B orders with specific warehouse instructions

Capturing batch numbers and best before, use by, and best before end dates

Custom and bespoke services to meet unique requirements for your business or your clients.

Streamline your supply chain for D2C & B2B

Many B2B sellers want to sell direct-to-consumer (D2C) too. This brings up a new set of fulfillment needs. Fortunately, Autofulfil has the experience and capabilities you need. Working with countless other businesses on D2C, we can provide the fulfillment solutions and shipping speed you need to ensure customer satisfaction across the board,

With Autofulfil, you only need one fulfillment company for multiple channels. We’ll create an integrated solution that enhances efficiency and supports business growth –

Autofulfil for electronics fulfillment
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whether that’s shipping wholesale orders or growing your eCommerce business for customers.

This provides a clear competitive advantage for your business. Your supply chain is simplified, communication is streamlined, and service levels are consistent with one partner accountable.

For both D2C and B2B order fulfillment, we can respond to your needs rapidly. From bulk orders and larger shipments to higher inventory levels and unique compliance requirements, our team will provide support whenever and however you need it.

Our fulfillment experts will consult you on the best solutions to optimise your B2B fulfillment process that are customised to your unique business needs.

Ready to grow?

Request a quote today and a B2B fulfillment expert will contact you to answer your questions and provide you with a custom quote tailored to your unique business needs.