B2B fulfillment in Ireland and Europe

In addition to fulfilling direct-to-consumer eCommerce orders, Autofulfil also provides business-to-business (B2B) fulfillment services for clients who need to stock and ship inventory to distributors or business clients.

B2B fulfillment often consists of shipping products in bulk on pallets made up of mixed product SKUs via freight shipping. These orders may come in outside of your eCommerce platform, but we can process them manually via our client portal.

b2b fulfillment ireland and europe
b2b shipping preparation for fulfillment
We can provide hands-on services to prepare your B2B shipments to meet the unique receiving requirements of your business clients, including:

Kitting & bundling

Special packaging
Package labelling
Palletisation requirements

Our fulfillment experts will consult you on the best solutions to optimise your B2B fulfillment process that are customised to your unique business needs.

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