Kitting and assembly services Ireland: Solutions to bundle your products

Autofulfil specialises in both kitting and assembly services, combining two or more related products into a bundle to be packaged together in a single order. Kitting and assembly are both great options for subscription boxes, rainbow packs, including free gifts or product samples with purchases, and adding promotional or instructional literature to the package along with the products being shipped.

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What’s the difference between kitting and assembly?

Though the terms “kitting” and “assembly” are often used together, they each serve different purposes in the eCommerce fulfillment process.

Kitting refers to the process of bundling two or more related products into a new, single packaged product SKU. The kitting process is done prior to orders being received and the new, prepackaged bundles are kept in inventory ready to ship. Kitting generally costs less and is best for product bundles you know you have demand for and will sell, since the individual products are no longer in stock as individual SKUs once they’ve become part of a kit.

Assembly is a post-order process, where products are bundled into a single packaged product after an order is received. The assembly process costs a bit more than kitting, however, it provides more inventory flexibility for new product bundles that don’t have much demand yet or future product order combinations using the individual product SKUs in stock.

The benefits of kitting and assembly services

Kitting and assembly are a great complement to order fulfillment services for several reasons.

Creating kits allows you to entice customers with special promotions on multiple items that they’re interested in.

Your brand will gain a competitive advantage by tapping into a growing trend in the eCommerce industry.

Kitting can reduce costs by packaging items together to use less materials and eliminate the need to ship separate pieces.

By outsourcing kitting and assembly you’ll save your team’s time, so you can focus on sales, marketing, and product development.

There’s no need to invest in additional storage space – simply send individual items to our fulfillment centre.

Our tried-and-tested kitting process

Kitting and assembly is a key element of our fulfillment services – and we’ve developed a flawless production operation to ensure orders are fulfilled faster without any shipping mistakes. That’s reflected in our order accuracy rate of 99.9%, plus a rating of 9.1 out of 10 for customer service!

When we receive your products, they will be logged into our inventory management system – either as separate components ready for assembly or as completed kits (one unit) depending on your requirements. If it’s the latter, kitting takes place immediately upon receiving, so items can be stored in their kitted form.

Inventory storage is taken care of until orders come through – with over 100,000 sq ft of warehouse space at our fulfillment centre. By integrating with your eCommerce platform, we can receive customers’ orders automatically so you don’t need to lift a finger.

As specialists in custom and bespoke services, our kitting and assembly team will work to your exact requirements when packaging items. That includes everything from custom packaging materials to promotional literature that you’d like alongside your products.

Are kitting services right for you?

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Kitting and assembly are a great value-added service for so many businesses in a wide range of industries. From fashion and cosmetics to sports, healthcare and technology, everyone can benefit from putting multiple items into a single unit.

One of the most popular reasons to do so is for subscription boxes. These packages include several of your products, often chosen based on a customer’s profile or preferences, which are sent out on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. That creates a recurring stream of revenue for your business, while maintaining customer loyalty and cross-selling multiple different products.

Kitting can also be used to add little extras to customer orders. Product samples can encourage customers to try out more of your range, increasing their order value in future. You might also want to include promotional material or instructions for the product.

Alternatively, free gifts can let customers know that they’re valued and increase the likelihood of repeat business.

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