eCommerce Returns Solutions

Returns management becomes time-consuming for eCommerce retailers. Not only that, it’s increasingly difficult to provide a good customer experience when order return volumes increase through your online store.

Autofulfil offers a simple alternative for eCommerce stores. With our returns management solutions, you can leave the entire process in the capable hands of our team and focus on what you do best.

Your returns process is crucial to success

According to data from Shopify, at least 62% of online customers expect the ability to do an exchange or get a refund for their online orders within 30 days of purchase.

The returns process for your eCommerce customers can make or break your customer loyalty and lifetime customer value. 84% of online customers would refuse to buy again from a retailer after a negative customer experience with returns management.

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Choosing the right returns management system

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There are many ways your brand can choose to handle online returns, from exchanges and store credit to full refunds. In most cases, however, you’ll want your customers to send their unwanted items back to you to restock whenever possible.

It’s important to find the best way of processing returns for your eCommerce business. Both for operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. For full control, many opt to keep returns management in house.

Doing this well requires significant investment in space, staff, training, and returns management software. Any compromise on these expensive and time-consuming factors can slow down the process and cause problems with customer refunds.

Outsourcing your retail store product returns to an experienced fulfillment centre, like Autofulfil, can simplify existing returns processes for both your customers and your business. This means a more efficient process and positive experience for your customers, and more time for your team to focus on growing your brand.

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Our returns process

At Autofulfil, our returns management solution is custom-tailored to the unique returns policies of each of our clients.
All returned items we receive that include a returns form are processed within one business day.
As part of our order fulfillment process, we send out a packing slip that includes a returns form. This can be used by your customers for product returns according to your policy’s return window.
You may choose to set predetermined criteria for the return process, including inspections and when we should return your products back into stock in our inventory management system, ship them back to you, or dispose of them. We can also share reference photos so you can decide what to do with product returns on a case-by-case basis.
You work with your client to generate return shipping labels, and the product is returned by the customer to our warehouse with the returns form included in the package.
We can even offer custom services for returns restocking, such as cleaning, steaming, folding, repackaging, etc. if needed to ensure your product returns are sales-ready again.

Provide the best customer experience

As inventory management specialists, Autofulfil can transform how you manage returns.

Seamless integration

Your online store will be integrated with our returns management software, providing hassle-free return logistics where you don’t have to lift a finger.

Full visibility & control

With our returns portal, you get complete visibility for product returns data as well as inventory management and order fulfillment.

Efficient returns solution

Our eCommerce returns solution deals with product returns quickly, providing faster refunds that make customers’ lives easier.

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Managing returns for any sector

Product returns are a key part of customer service in practically every sector. At Autofulfil, we have experience returning products ranging from fashion and fitness to cosmetics, technology and even food.

With so many features available, your brand can cherry pick to create the ultimate reverse logistics solution for your requirements. Fashion companies, for example, request that we clean, fold and repackage inventory following a customer return.

Additionally, our returns form can be customised to your exact requirements. This makes the return request easier, giving customers all the information they need and guiding them to your site for return labels, if required.

Ready to grow?

Our efficient returns process can provide endless value to your brand, saving you time and lots of hassle. To get a quote or find out more, simply contact our team today.