About Us

Autofulfil is an Irish eCommerce fulfillment centre supporting online direct-to-consumer retail brands from around the world. Our mission is to enable eCommerce companies to easily grow and scale their businesses in Ireland, Europe, and beyond with our quick, flexible, and reliable order fulfillment services.

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Our Story

Autofulfil was founded by eCommerce retailers for eCommerce retailers. We got our start in 2013, when our founders acquired Schoolbooks.ie (Ireland’s largest online schoolbooks retailer). Quickly, they realised that fulfilling 3,000 orders per day with custom assembly requirements during peak season was too challenging for the local fulfillment centres at the time to handle reliably. So Autofulfil was founded to support Schoobooks.ie’s large order volumes.

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As we continued to optimise our processes and develop our experience in order fulfillment, we realised that other eCommerce retailers were likely in the same boat we had been in before. So we began fulfilling online orders for other brands and quickly scaled our operations to a 100,000 sq ft fulfillment centre with 50+ team members to support the growing demand for a reliable, high-quality eCommerce fulfillment service in Ireland.

Ever since, we’ve become the eCommerce growth partner for brands big and small, and we continue to sustainably scale our operations to meet the rapid growth of our clients.
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Who We Are

Our values and identity shine through in everything we do. We are:



Our Operations



Our 100,000 sq ft fulfillment centre is located near Galway, Ireland. Our location is conveniently positioned near the main An Post parcel processing centre in Ireland, making domestic delivery in Ireland fast and fuel-efficient


Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) powers everything we do in the fulfillment centre. By directly integrating with our clients’ eCommerce stores and standardising our operations around this system, we can ensure a 99.9% order pick accuracy rate.


We have a diverse group of 50+ team members from around the world supporting our day-to-day operations. We can quickly scale up to hundreds of fulfillment staff during peak fulfillment seasons, and we also partner with local universities to bring in summer interns for career development opportunities.


We fulfill more than 3 million items per year for hundreds of eCommerce brands. And we have the capacity to do much more!

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We do more than just deliver. Autofulfil cares.

Autofulfil is more than just a logistics company and we care about more than simply fulfilling orders. We want to help fulfill our client’s goals and dreams of growing a successful eCommerce business. That’s why we’ve developed such a customer-centric culture and invest so much into being a true growth partner for our clients in any way we can.

We also care about uplifting the communities we serve and protecting the planet we all share. To support this mission, we’re developing new sustainability and corporate social responsibility initiatives this year to support the wellbeing of Irish children, promote Irish economic development, and invest in local and global environmental protection.

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