Clear and affordable fulfillment pricing

Wherever your inventory is going to or coming from, Autofulfil aims to make fulfillment costs both understandable and affordable. Choose and only pay for the order fulfillment services you need from our comprehensive capabilities to get a bespoke price that meets the unique needs of your business.

From start-ups and SMEs to large, established businesses, we deliver the same benefits and competitive order fulfillment costs with one overriding goal – to help you succeed. That extends across Ireland, the UK, Europe, or even further afield.

How fulfillment pricing works

Wave goodbye to hidden costs to simplify supply chain management. Below, you’ll find details on the total fulfillment costs and pricing models used for each of our fulfillment services, so you know what to expect for monthly storage fees, pick and pack costs, shipping costs, and more.

Fulfillment Service Fee Structure Fulfillment Cost Details
Pickable Storage Space Per pallet/bay stored per month Inventory management and storage fees vary for single vs. mixed SKU storage
Inventory Receiving Per pallet received Intake fees includes scanning each SKU into stock
Pick and Pack Per SKUs picked per order First item pick and pack fee varies based on order volumes, second+ pick and pack fees per order are reduced
Kitting and Assembly Per touchpoint Kitting fees vary based on number of touchpoints per bundle
Packaging Per package Polybag and box costs vary based on size. Void fill, tape, and labels included with no additional costs. Custom packaging is costed on a case-by-case basis.
Shipping Per shipment Shipping fees vary based on shipping region and service selected. Our lowest shipping rates are in Ireland, followed by Europe. Shipping is available worldwide with major shipping carriers.
Maintenance Fee Per Month This fee provides you with a comprehensive package that includes dedicated account management, client solutions team support, access to our advanced Warehouse Management System portal, as well as invoicing and administration services.

Calculating your order fulfillment costs

To make sure you only pay for what you need and deliver maximum value for your business, we calculate order fulfillment fees based on a number of factors, including:

The number of different SKUs being handled

How frequently stock is replenished

Typical order volumes with high volume discounts

The average number of items per order

The need for additional services like kitting and assembly

Where orders are being shipped

Which type of shipping service is being used

Quantities of stock for inventory storage costs (how much warehouse space needed in our fulfillment centre)

As you can see, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to order fulfillment costs. That’s why it’s best to request  a discovery consultation with one of our fulfillment experts, where we can calculate fulfillment costs tailored to your specific business needs.

Clear minimum order volumes

For complete transparency, we generally look for a minimum order volume of 100 orders per month. Why? This is the order rate at which outsourcing fulfillment becomes cost-effective through a third-party provider. After all, we want our services to be most beneficial to you.

In short, it makes financial sense for retailers to leverage a fulfillment provider if they are sending at least 100 orders each month. It allows us to offer lower fulfillment pricing per product to keep your sales profitable. This being said, we are open to working with startups who have strong products and marketing in place to scale up order volumes over a 3-6 month period.

Discounts for high order volumes

While our minimum order volume is typically 100 per month, there’s no limit if you want to go much higher than that figure. Quite the opposite, in fact, with millions of items fulfilled annually through our high-capacity fulfillment centre.

Autofulfil offers high-volume order discounts for our services, so the more you sell, the higher the cost savings. In turn, this allows you to minimise the order fulfillment cost per order – and maximise your profits as you scale.

Ready to grow?

Request a call with our sales team today for an expert consultation and custom proposal for your total fulfillment cost, based on your unique business needs. Get started and outsource your fulfillment process in as little as a week!