Clear and affordable fulfillment pricing

Whether your inventory is coming from or going to Ireland, UK, Europe, or anywhere else in the world, Autofulfil’s fulfillment pricing is understandable and affordable. Choose from all our fulfillment services or select only those that you need. We’ve created the list for small- to medium-sized businesses so that small business owners can afford the same benefits as large companies. Autofulfill’s goal is to help you succeed. Only pay for what you need.

Service Pricing Model Details
Pickable Storage Per pallet/bay stored per month Rates vary for single vs. mixed SKU storage
Inventory Receiving Per pallet received Includes scanning each SKU into stock
Pick and Pack Per SKUs picked per order First item pick varies based on order volumes, second+ pick fees per order are reduced
Kitting and Assembly Per touchpoint Rates vary based on number of touchpoints per bundle
Packaging Per package Polybag and box costs vary based on size. Void fill, tape, and labels included free of charge.
Shipping Per shipment Prices vary based on shipping region and service selected. Our lowest shipping rates are in Ireland, followed by Europe. Shipping is available worldwide.

No monthly maintenance fees

Unlike most fulfillment companies, Autofulfil doesn’t charge monthly for access to our fulfillment portal or our dedicated customer service team. We believe client success should always be included in everything we do and we don’t charge a premium for it.

Ready to grow?

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