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Customers love subscription boxes, where they receive curated products delivered to their homes on a recurring basis. That’s because they can gain access to exclusive content, save time with custom-tailored products, and conveniently receive the products on a regular basis at a consistent price that helps keep their budgets under control. Our subscription box fulfillment services in Ireland help make that happen.

As an established subscription box fulfillment provider, Autofulfil can take care of inventory management, kitting and assembly, custom packaging, and fast shipping for your eCommerce business. You’ll be able to meet customer expectations, increase customer loyalty, and even save money compared to in-house fulfillment.

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The global subscription box market was valued at $18.8 billion in 2020, and is expected to grow by a CAGR of 18.25% from 2022-2027.

More than 500 million European eCommerce customers now spend 5% of their total spending on subscriptions, including subscription box services. In the UK, for example, 81% of households received subscription boxes in 2021.

The most popular subscription boxes in Europe include food, beauty products & personal care, clothing, and pet food.
Subscription boxes are a great business model because they create a recurring stream of revenue, which allows companies to focus more on improving their products and services.
But with these recurring orders also comes the requirement to be able to consistently fulfill your subscription boxes on a regular basis and with a high degree of quality control, to ensure you continue to earn that repeat business through a great customer experience. This can take precious time and energy away from focusing on your sales and marketing growth.
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subscription box kitting, assembly, and customization
Autofulfil’s subscription box fulfillment services in Ireland mean you can chill while we fulfill your subscription boxes. With our same-day order fulfillment, 99.9% same-day accuracy rate, and hands-on kitting, assembly, and customisation services for a special touch, we can take away the hassles of preparing and shipping your orders so you can focus on growing your brand.
Here’s why outsourcing fulfillment makes sense for subscription businesses and eCommerce stores more broadly.
Each customer receives their subscription box on time

Firstly, customers want subscription orders to arrive on time every week, month, or quarter. With a proficient fulfillment partner on your side, you can wave goodbye to errors and delays that leave customers waiting – and say hello to prompt fulfillment and timely shipping.

The unboxing experience stands out

Customers expect more than just curated subscription boxes. The unboxing experience is paramount, which is why it helps to have expertise on what subscription customers want – and the capabilities to make it happen.

You can save on shipping

Shipping costs can soon stack up with recurring shipments each week or month. With the buying power of a large fulfillment provider on your side, you’ll enjoy lower rates to reduce the overall shipping cost and maximise profits on your subscription service.

And create the most loyal customers

By giving customers what they want, you’ll keep them coming back for more. It’s that simple. Watch your subscription model thrive as customers receive well-executed subscription boxes when they want them.

Then focus on what you do best

When you outsource fulfillment, you win back time to do what you do best. Let your in-house team focus on sales, marketing, or product development, while a fulfillment company manages your subscription orders.

Why choose Autofulfil for subscription box fulfillment?

Here’s what sets us apart from most fulfillment companies out there:

Accurate subscription fulfillment

We have rigorous quality control systems in place, reflected in an order accuracy rate of 99.9%.

Prompt & efficient fulfillment service

You’ll benefit from prompt order fulfillment with 99.9% of orders picked, assembled, and shipped on the same day.

A fulfillment provider with capacity to scale

With over 100,000 sq ft of warehouse space, subscription models can grow to their full potential with Autofulfil.

Fully integrated subscription fulfillment services

Your eCommerce store will be integrated with our warehouse management system, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Experienced subscription box fulfillment company

Our team is well-versed in subscription box fulfillment for customers in Ireland, Europe and across the globe. Our subscription box fulfillment checklist has already helped countless brands just like yours!

Sustainable fulfillment process

From packing materials to shipping carrier selection, we keep fulfillment operations eco-friendly for your brand.

Our subscription fulfillment services

Here’s how we assist with subscription box fulfillment challenges:


Send inventory to our fulfillment centre. We’ll log everything in our inventory management system, so you can keep track of stock levels in real time.

Create orders based on customer’s preferences or leave it to our expert team.

We’ll assemble curated subscription boxes with multiple SKUs, including custom branded packaging.

The right orders will be sent to the right customers with shipping costs kept to a minimum.

We can even help with additional services like returns management for subscription box customers.

Who can we help?

We can help a wide range of businesses with subscription box fulfillment. That could be a purpose-built subscription business or an online store offering a replenishment subscription option. Or perhaps you want to gain more repeat customers with replenishment subscriptions or curated subscriptions for products you know they love.

Our team can assist with inventory management and subscription box fulfillment in practically any sector too. That ranges from beauty, healthcare, and cosmetics fulfillment to food, fitness, and fashion.


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