Amazon FBA Prep In Ireland

FBA services to streamline your Amazon order fulfillment.

If you choose to fulfill your Amazon orders directly with Amazon FBA, your inventory will need to meet very rigid FBA requirements to be received into stock by Amazon warehouses. This is where FBA prep services can come in handy to ensure your inventory is ready to be received by Amazon.

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Amazon FBA: Benefits and challenges

There are many clear benefits to selling on Amazon. The simple setup of a seller account gives you access to new markets and instant exposure to customers, especially amongst loyal Prime members. But how do you keep up with the fast turnaround expected of eCommerce orders?

That’s where fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) comes in. The FBA program allows you to use Amazon warehouses, which can store inventory then ship orders to your customers on your behalf as sales come in.

The only problem is the inventory prep needed to meet the stringent FBA warehouse receiving rules, including:
Labelling – Every unit requires one of three FBA barcode types.
Packaging – There are different prep requirements for boxing, poly-bagging, case-packing, and selling items as a set.
Other rules – You’ll also need to adhere to compliance rules for marketing materials, expiry dates, and safety.
Delivery labels – Shipments need the right labels with detailed information on box content, with specifications for the position, sizing, and numbers.
Routing – FBA also has restrictions for packing materials, weight, and dimensions.

Cut through the red tape with an FBA prep service partner

amazon fba prep services
As an ambitious Amazon business, you might try to complete all of the FBA prep in house before shipping orders to Amazon yourself. Unfortunately, that process is massively time-consuming, whether you’re a family-owned company or a large, established business.

At the very least, inventory prep for FBA takes valuable time away from your team that would otherwise be spent on marketing or sales channels to grow your online business. Additionally, Amazon sellers might not have the experience and resources to meet all the requirements for Amazon’s fulfillment centres.

This is where the value of an FBA prep service partner lies. Not only does it take a big task off your to-do list, it also ensures all FBA requirements are met and your inventory is received by Amazon without issues. Doing so means you don’t have to pay penalty fees or worry about shipment delays.

Autofulfil’s Amazon FBA prep services

Autofulfil can prepare your product inventory for the rigid shipping, receiving, and stocking requirements of Amazon’s warehouses. We provide the following FBA prep services:

amazon fba prep services

Product inspection: The service starts with rigorous inventory inspection to make sure your products are safe and up to standard.

Product labelling: Clients’ products will be correctly labelled.

Polybagging products: We’ll also polybag products as required to ensure they’re ready for shipping.

Kitting & bundling: Multiple items can be combined before sending to Amazon based on clients’ requirements.

Custom wrapping, boxing, & packaging: Our services also include custom wrapping and packaging before Amazon’s requisite boxing materials are used.

Shipment: We can ship pallets of your products to Amazon ready to be sold to customers.

Why Autofulfil?

Autofulfil is more than just an Irish FBA business fulfillment partner. We provide FBA prep services, amongst many other fulfillment services, from our high-capacity fulfillment centre in Ireland. With a wealth of experience in inventory storage, logistics, and fulfillment services, we can provide the following benefits to our clients:

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Flexible efulfillment service

Our prep service is truly comprehensive, so you don’t have to worry about anything for your FBA orders.

Increase sales and improve delivery speeds

Reducing the amount of time it takes to get your inventory into Amazon’s FBA warehouse means your stock is available sooner to make more sales and your customers receive their orders fast.

Track inventory levels

New customers get instant access to our client portal, so you can see how much inventory is being managed and follow the process.

Minimise costs

We offer affordable pricing and long term storage fees where required, so sellers can keep costs down.

Is FBA prep right for you?

Autofulfil provides multiple service options when it comes to fulfilling orders sold on Amazon, including Amazon order fulfillment by merchant (Amazon FBM Ireland) and preparing inventory to be received by Amazon for order fulfillment by Amazon.

When fulfilling your Amazon orders with Autofulfil, we can also provide better pricing, flexibility, custom services, and customer service than Amazon by fulfilling your Amazon orders for you directly from our own fulfillment centre.

Customer Service
Our FBA prep service definitely makes life easier for Amazon sellers. But it’s also worth considering FBM with a fulfillment partner as an alternative for the following benefits:
Customer Service
No need to meet Amazon’s requirements for packaging and labelling.
No storage space limits based on your Inventory Performance Index (IPI) score.
Save money compared to storage and shipping plans through Amazon.
More control over your customers’ experience with bespoke services, plus kitting and assembly.
Still no need to manage fulfillment and shipping in house.
eCommerce integration for Amazon so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Ready to grow?

If you’re an Amazon FBA seller looking for an efulfillment service to make your life easier, you should speak to the team at Autofulfil.

Request a quote today and a fulfillment expert will contact you to answer your questions about our process and services, and provide you with a custom quote tailored to your unique business needs.