Seamless fulfillment service for your Amazon store and beyond

Amazon is a popular platform for eCommerce brands that want to sell more through an additional channel. Best of all, it doesn’t have to throw a spanner in the works of your fulfillment process. Autofulfil can integrate with your Amazon store and other sales channels to give you the benefits of selling on Amazon without any additional hassle.

Seamless fulfillment

Automate order fulfillment on multiple channels

Selling on multiple channels is a sure-fire way to increase sales of your products. But without eCommerce platform integration, each new channel requires additional work on your end. That means monitoring sales on your website, Amazon, and elsewhere, then forwarding orders to your warehouse or fulfillment partner.

Surely there’s an easier way? Autofulfil provides eCommerce integrations for several platforms, including Amazon, so you can automate your order fulfillment process across the board.

Automate order fulfillment

Our services start by integrating all platforms your business uses to sell products, including:

And other custom integrations

From there, we can manage orders for multiple channels – picking, packing, and shipping to customers to take care of the complete fulfillment process, including:

Receiving and Warehousing
Order Pick and Pack
Shipping and Delivery
Kitting and Assembly
Returns Management
Reporting and Analytics
Subscription Box Fulfillment
Custom and Bespoke Services
Order Pick and Pack

Reliable fulfillment with real-time inventory sync

integration with eCommerce store

One of the biggest challenges of selling on multiple channels is keeping track of inventory. Stock levels need to be correct on your site and Amazon store to avoid delays and ensure you can fulfill orders as they come in.

Doing this manually can take up so much of your time. Every time an order is made, you’ll need to quickly update multiple stores. The alternative is leaving sites out of sync and getting orders for products you don’t have.

Whether it’s Shopify orders, Amazon, or a number of other platforms, we’ll fulfill orders promptly and synchronise inventory levels to delight your customers.

Our fulfillment service is built on seamless integration, ensuring that all channels are updated with available inventory automatically. Every time a customer purchase is made through your site, your Amazon store will be instantly updated – and vice-versa.

delivery to customers

Autofulfil vs Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF)

Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) is Amazon’s eCommerce solution for different platforms. It gives you access to Amazon warehouses for inventory management and fulfillment. That applies for both Amazon inventory and other platforms.

However, using Amazon’s fulfillment network does come with its downsides. Here are the benefits of Autofulfil over Amazon multi-channel fulfillment (MCF):

A bespoke fulfillment service

Our fulfillment service is truly tailored to your needs. We take a much more bespoke approach to pick, pack, and ship orders exactly how you want. That includes kitting and assembly, custom packaging for a unique customer experience, and even hands-on services like garment steaming.

Lower cost
Lower costs with Autofulfil

Amazon is renowned for its sky-high storage fees, fulfillment charges, and shipping costs. Autofulfil provides a cost-effective alternative so you don’t have to compromise on profit margins when sending orders to customers.

Sending inventory to us is simpler

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) has strict rules for how stock must be sent, including requirements for labelling, packaging, marketing materials, and more. Opting for our eCommerce integrations for order fulfillment means you can sidestep the complications of Amazon fulfillment centres for Amazon orders (option for fulfillment by merchant) as well as other platforms.

priority customers
We make you our priority

Amazon FBA is prioritised in Amazon’s fulfillment centres. As such, there’s no guarantee on fast delivery for MCF. With Autofulfil, all your orders are a priority. That’s backed by our same-day fulfillment rate of 99.9% – plus 99.9% rate for order accuracy.

Sell across the world

Located in Ireland, Autofulfil provides fulfillment and shipping throughout Ireland, Europe, and across the globe. From Canada and the US to Australia and Asia, we support a wide range of international locations. On the other hand, Amazon only allows you to sell in countries they serve.

Ready to grow?

Want to utilise Amazon to maximise sales? Autofulfil can fulfill more orders and ship to more customers on your behalf without creating an inventory management headache. We have a wealth of experience providing support and fulfillment services to businesses using Amazon alongside other platforms. To find out more, arrange a chat with our team today.