COVID-19 Update From Autofulfil

On Saturday 28 March 2020, the Irish Government released the “List of Essential Service Providers Under New Public Health Guidelines” which can be found on link here:

Autofulfil Coronavirus update

Autofulfil is required to remain open as it is part of multiple “essential supply chains” and, as a warehousing/storage business, is specifically listed in the “Transport Storage and Communication” category of businesses that the Government considers essential and want to remain open during this time of need.

In accordance with Government guidance, Autofulfil has implemented all the recommendations in relation to social distancing and providing a safe environment for our employees to work.

In addition, we have taken the following steps:

  • Any employee who can work from home is working from home (e.g. customer service staff)
  • Any employee who is living with a vulnerable person is not coming into the office or warehouse
  • Social distancing processes and procedures have been implemented which are working well, as we have a skeleton staff in a warehouse of over 70,000 sq ft


We are very pleased to do whatever we can to support Ireland and our clients from home and abroad in this time of need, particularly when it comes to the efficient/next day delivery of essentials such as food, hand sanitizer, face protection masks, hygiene products, healthcare consumables, medical and life science products, pet supplies, office products for individuals working from home and for businesses and anything else that we are asked to fulfill and distribute during this crisis.

We continue to monitor Government guidance and look forward to continuing to provide supply chain services for the Irish, European and indeed Global Economy.