Fitness fulfillment services to level up your business

The global fitness industry is worth $4 billion – around €3.5 million – and is forecast to continue growing year over year. In short, people want their own fitness equipment to lead a healthier, happier lifestyle. Your online fitness brand can be a part of that. But you need to be ready for the challenge of servicing more customers.

When you handle eCommerce fulfillment in house, that’s rarely the case. There are several factors to consider when order volumes increase. You’ll need more warehouse space, additional staff and training, plus the expensive software to manage the whole process. That can all feel like a gamble if you need to scale up or down in future.
Fortunately, there’s an easier way. Autofulfil provides fulfillment services to help fitness brands pick, pack, and ship a wide range of fitness products to customers throughout Ireland, Europe, and across the world. We’ll become your reliable fulfillment partner, helping your eCommerce business achieve its own fitness goals in terms of growth and profitability – and you can scale up and down whenever needed.
enterprise eCommerce order fulfillment
enterprise eCommerce fulfillment

How we help in the fitness industry

At Autofulfil, we have a wealth of experience in fitness fulfillment. That includes a wide range of lightweight consumable fitness products like yoga mats, water bottles, resistance bands, and athletic accessories. Our expertise in related industries like fashion and healthcare means we can also assist with fitness apparel and supplements.

Whether you provide a comprehensive range of exercise equipment or you focus on a particular niche, our team is here to help. We’re familiar with a variety of sub-sectors, such as yoga and pilates, cycling, nutrition and weight loss, and running. We recognise that customers put these hobbies at the core of their lifestyle, meaning serious care and attention is required for order fulfillment.

Let us optimise your entire order fulfillment process

Our location in Ireland is ideal for fast shipping to customers throughout Europe.
Companies can take advantage of our wealth of resources to scale up or down as needed.
Suitable storage and secure packaging for small, lightweight health, fitness and nutrition products.
Kitting and assembly allows you to expand your business model with sets and subscription boxes.
With carbon-neutral shipping and sustainable packaging, you can protect the health of the planet too.
We can even help with eCommerce returns to take another task off your business.
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Fulfillment Services in Ireland

Why Autofulfil for fitness fulfillment?

With Autofulfil, fitness brands can leave inventory management and the order fulfillment process to an experienced, highly capable partner. We pick, pack, and ship over 3 million items every year, including supplements, workout equipment, apparel, and other fitness products.

Customers get the right shipments quickly with 99.9% order accuracy and a 99.9% same-day fulfillment rate. The result is fast fulfillment and shipping without any compromise on customer satisfaction. That’s complemented by a choice of additional services like kitting and assembly, bespoke packaging, and even steaming and folding for apparel.

Our fulfillment centre in Ireland provides the perfect place to store your inventory ready for shipping to customers throughout Europe. We also have the ability to deliver worldwide at the drop of a hat. Simply send your inventory to us and we’ll do the rest.

When we say the entire process is covered, we mean it. Our fulfillment system will be integrated with your online store, so orders from your website come straight through to us. That makes order fulfillment and shipping faster, plus it takes another job off your plate. You also get access to real-time inventory levels, fulfillment data, and shipping updates to keep your company in the loop.

Fulfillment Services in Ireland

Benefits of successful fulfillment for fitness brands

Having the right fulfillment partner on your side can help your fitness brand in a number of ways:

From equipment to health supplements, we keep each customer happy to improve loyalty and increase repeat sales.
With the order fulfillment process taken care of, you can focus on growing your business – marketing, sales, and new product development.
Our company has established relationships with industry-leading shipping couriers to minimise shipping costs.
With access to our fulfillment services, your business is prepared for growth with true scalability.

Ready to grow your fitness brand?

If you want to improve customer satisfaction and grow your fitness company, Autofulfil is ready and waiting. Contact our team for a quote based on your needs then get started in as little as a week.