Give your business a boost with supplements fulfillment services

The global dietary supplements market is set to be worth $200 billion by 2026. That’s a whopping €180 billion. Whether it’s private label supplements or well-known vitamin products, the demand is out there for your business. But before you draw in those customers, you need to be ready for large-scale supplement order fulfillment.

High order volumes can break eCommerce businesses. Almost overnight, you need more warehouse space, additional staff, and better systems to monitor inventory levels. All while you try to provide the same great customer experience and keep up with industry trends like same-day shipping. It’s no mean feat.

Here’s an easier way. Let Autofulfil take care of vitamin and supplement fulfillment on your behalf. With our supplement fulfillment services, you can simply send us your stock. We’ll store it in our 100,00 sq ft fulfillment centre, then pick, pack, and ship orders as they come in.

enterprise eCommerce order fulfillment
enterprise eCommerce fulfillment

How we help with dietary supplements fulfillment

At Autofulfil, we understand the unique requirements of the supplement and vitamin industry. We’re well-versed in expiration tracking, so we know which supplements need to go out – and which have already passed their expiration dates. We can also provide a cool warehouse environment, thanks to the Irish weather, to maximise the supplement lifecycle for both supplement manufacturers and businesses selling private label supplements.

From iron and magnesium to collagen and CBD, we’re familiar with the diverse nature of vitamins and supplements in demand. Our fulfillment service covers all forms of dietary supplements, including capsules, tablets and powders. Not to mention drinks and food, such as gummies and energy bars.

Here’s how it works

Faster fulfillment
Send your vitamins and supplements inventory to our fulfillment centre in Ireland. We’ll receive them and check everything into our system.
Inventory is stored according to your requirements in our warehouse, including bath expiration tracking.
Seamless integration with your online store means we get your online orders directly, so there’s no need to forward information and no delay in fulfillment.
We’ll pick, pack, and ship vitamins and supplements to your customers. Our team can use custom packaging if required.
You can scale up or down based on demand from your customer base, so there’s no need to grow slowly or pay over the odds.
We can also help with subscription box fulfillment to secure repeat business with a recurring revenue stream.
Fulfillment Services in Ireland

Why Autofulfil for supplement fulfillment?

When you’re comparing third-party fulfillment providers for the supplement industry, it’s hard to see past Autofulfil. To start with, we provide supplements fulfillment with a 99.9% order accuracy rate. That’s paired with a 99.9% rate for same-day supplement fulfillment, so there’s no delay in shipping your inventory.

In terms of experience, we ship over 3 million items annually, including countless food and supplement products. Whether you’re an ambitious business that’s ready for fast growth or an established manufacturer looking to sell supplements directly, our vitamin fulfillment service is here to help.

Our supplement fulfillment services cover all bases – from receiving and warehousing to shipping and even returns. But that’s not all. Everything is fully integrated, so you don’t have to lift a finger. With our customer portal, you get reporting and analytics at your fingertips for supplement order fulfillment. Monitor stock levels, check order status or just review fulfillment data with real-time information.

That’s all managed from our fulfillment centre in Ireland, which is perfectly situated to reach customers throughout Europe and further afield. So, you can take logistics off your place and stop searching for more warehouse space. Any issues? Just contact our customer service team – rated 9.1 out of 10 by our clients!

When is a 3PL warehouse beneficial

Benefits for your vitamin and supplement business

Here’s how your supplement store will benefit from working with a vitamin order fulfillment company like Autofulfil:

Keep customers happy with fast shipping, sustainable packaging, and the right supplement products every time.
Focus on marketing for vitamins or supplement development with order fulfillment taken care of.
Reduce shipping costs thanks to our partnerships and exclusive shipping rates from leading carriers.
Respond to demand quickly, scaling up or down with ample warehouse space and expert staff at your disposal.

Ready to grow with the fulfillment experts?

If you’re looking for an expert vitamin and supplement fulfillment company, speak to the team at Autofulfil. We’ll give your business a quote for a tailored inventory management and fulfillment service. You can even get started in as little as one week.