Fashion Forward: Simplifying Logistics for Fashion Influencers’ Product Lines

Simplifying Logistics for Fashion Influencers' Product Lines

The global fashion influencer market is worth billions and growing quickly, with an expected growth rate of over 35% in the coming years. But as an influencer, it’s only natural that your expertise lies in clothing, footwear, and accessories rather than picking, packing, and shipping.

In this article, we’ll run through the best tips to simplify logistics for your eCommerce fashion lines.

Start small and expand wisely

When you’re part of a multi-billion-Euro industry, it might be tempting to dive in headfirst with a full catalogue of products. However, it’s better to grow gradually to keep things manageable. Begin with a curated collection of key pieces to minimise your number of product types/sizes/colors (SKUs) initially. Then gradually expand based on demand and performance.

You can monitor SKU performance with routine checks. If a product doesn’t sell, retire it. Autofulfil makes this easier with intuitive analytics through our online client portal. It gives you an inclusive view of sales and fulfillment, no matter how many channels you use.

Be ready for growth

As an ambitious fashion influencer, you have to be ready for growth. Backlogs in fulfillment will lead to delays, mistakes, disappointment, and a bad reputation over time.

Ensure your fulfillment partner can accommodate growth on demand, allowing you to scale your operations seamlessly. Remember that flash sales and special promo days are a staple for influencers like yourself. Those short-notice volume spikes may be difficult for inexperienced fulfillment partners to deal with.

Fortunately, Autofulfil has a wealth of experience in fashion fulfillment. There’s ample room for growth at our 100,000 sq ft fulfillment centre with highly skilled staff on hand to respond quickly when sales spike.

Use barcodes for product identification

The barcoding of products is an absolute must for identification purposes. Make sure all products are barcoded and ready for storage and fulfillment. At Autofulfil, we scan all products upon receiving them, to ensure everything is present and correct. Barcodes are then used during picking to make sure all orders are packed accurately. It’s one of the reasons we have an order accuracy rate of 99.9%.

Invest in quality for inventory management

Fashion logistics isn’t just about picking, packing, and shipping. Inventory management is equally important and equally complex without the right systems in place.
While most people start with an Excel spreadsheet or even pen and paper, it’s best to utilise a robust inventory management system to organise stock going forward. This will prevent discrepancies and ensure accurate tracking, so you always know what you have and where it is.

With Autofulfil, everything is checked into our system and assigned a specific storage location in our warehouse. You can view all checked-in inventory on the day we receive it and updates are made in real-time whenever stock moves.

Integrate, integrate, integrate

It’s so important, we’ve said it three times. Integration makes the logistics process seamless, meaning you don’t have to go back and forth with order information. Seek partners with technology integrations that sync seamlessly with your eCommerce platforms to simplify order processing and inventory management.

From Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce to Amazon and eBay, Autofulfil integrates with all major eCommerce platforms as standard, so you don’t have to do any unnecessary legwork. With orders coming straight through to us, you’ll also minimise delays and enhance the overall customer experience.

Customise packaging to boost your brand

Look for a fulfillment partner that offers customised packaging solutions to align with your brand image. This will add to the unboxing experience for customers, which could increase brand loyalty. Many of our fashion clients appreciate the variety of packaging we offer, with 21 different styles and sizes across 3 types of packaging that are always in stock.

Keep in mind that the less complicated your packaging, the quicker orders will go out. Customers may also complain if too much packaging is used due to the environmental impact. Regardless of the nature of the product – Autofulfil always has a solution.

Keep your customers informed

91% of consumers actively track their packages when buying online. To keep up with consumer demand, opt for a partner that provides real-time order tracking and transparent reporting. This will enable you to keep your customers informed to improve satisfaction and reduce customer service queries.

Outsource returns management

Customers receiving their products isn’t always the end of the logistics process. Whether it’s a sizing issue or just a change of heart, they may want to return fashion items for a refund or exchange. You can make your life easier by selecting a fulfillment partner with an efficient returns process. Having an experienced company like Autofulfil handle eCommerce returns can enhance customer satisfaction and ease the burden on you.

Provide clear information on sizing

While we’re on the subject, there are some ways you can reduce the chance of products being returned. One is to provide plenty of product photos or even videos so customers can get a better idea of how the item looks from different angles, in different lighting, and paired with other garments.

Another is to go deeper into the size charts. Beyond S/M/L/XL, you can offer detailed measurements of sleeves, collars, and so on. This will increase the chance of a product remaining sold, which decreases the returns ratio.

Get to grips with costs

When you’re working with third-party logistics partners, it’s vital to understand the fee structure upfront and how it will affect your pricing and profits. Transparency is the key here, as hidden costs can really impact your budget. That’s why we aim to make fulfillment costs understandable and affordable, allowing you to pay for only the services you need.

Don’t slack on sustainability

Last but by no means least is sustainability. The fashion industry contributes up to 10% of global CO2 output. It’s also responsible for a fifth of all plastic produced every year.

It’s no surprise that this is concerning consumers across the globe. Over 60% of customers are going out of their way to purchase products in environmentally friendly packaging, for example.

At Autofulfil, we go out of our way to make your logistics process more sustainable. We use biodegradable, recyclable packaging for orders, such as paper void fill. Our fulfilment process is also carbon-neutral with trees planted to offset emissions.

Grow your eCommerce fashion brand

From integration and clear pricing to custom packaging and returns management, Autofulfil makes it easy for fashion influencers in Ireland, Europe, and beyond to sell products online. To find out more, connect with our team.