How Autofulfil is Delivering Real Brand Value

Photo of Irish Business Post article about Autofulfil published June 12, 2022

Did you catch us in the Irish Business Post yesterday?

On June 12, 2022, an interview with Autofulfil’s Managing Director, Gina Galligan, was featured in the Irish Business Post. In the story, we talked about the work that Autofulfil is doing to help eCommerce brands scale in Ireland and Europe with our eCommerce fulfillment solutions.

Some key highlights from the article include the history of Autofulfil’s founding, our mission of scaling eCommerce brands by delighting their customers, and the challenges eCommerce brands face when it comes to scaling their eCommerce order fulfillment. We discussed how partnering with the right fulfillment centre can make or break a growing online store.

“Our customers are ready to grow, they’ve built their brands, and they have their following. They’ve usually been doing the fulfilment themselves, but at a certain point it just becomes too difficult,” said Galligan. “You have 1,000 orders per month and then it goes up to 25,000. It should be a cause for celebration, but it can be a cause of panic.”

We also touched on some emerging eCommerce industry trends, from online shoppers’ high expectations and Irish retailers’ hesitancy to sell online, to UK eCommerce brands running into challenges selling into Europe post-BREXIT (and how Autofulfil can help).

“All it takes is one bad delivery experience to lose a customer for life. If your competitor is set up to scale easily, they’ll take your business and you’ll have a hard time winning it back,” said Galligan.

You can read the full story here.