Order Fulfillment for B2B Box Assembly

Order fulfillment houses provide Value-Add services to satisfy bespoke requirements that Online Retailing clients seek from time-to-time. Examples of this include gift wrapping, kitting or product bundling. B2B companies on the other hand seek a different type of Value-Add service. One such service is Box Assembly. A service that Manufacturers tend to outsource to Order Fulfillment centres.

“It’s hard enough to invent and manufacture and market a product, but then the logistics – the mechanics of getting it to the people who want it, when they want it – this is how companies die, how ulcers are born.” – Phil Knight, Co-Founder of Nike

Given that Autofulfil provides Box Assembly services for a number of clients, we thought it would be helpful to share more information about this with our followers.


Box assembly service is part of the Autofulfil Order fulfillment value-add services, but what is it? Box assembly involves the receipt of your flat-packed packaging materials that are assembled by our trained staff to produce a final product, a custom-shipping box. A container / carton designed to house fragile or high value goods so that Manufacturers can distribute globally with confidence.


The box build process is specific to each project and can include varying degrees of complexity for each customer. For example, one step may include the creation of a divider that’s inserted into a larger housing box. There are five steps in the process:

  1.  Receipt of material: Flat-packed materials are delivered to our warehouse prior to assembly works.
  2.  Design: Our team are briefed on your exact requirements including samples of the final product.
  3.  Scheduling:  Flat-packed materials are positioned adjacent to our workstations, just-in-time, prior to assembly works to meet client demand.
  4.  Palletising:  Full box assemblies are positioned on pallets and wrapped before being moved onto the Shipping zone in our 3PL warehouse.
  5.  Collection / Shipping:  When each batch of assembled boxes are complete, they are shipped or collected by our clients.

If you would like to talk to our team about your Box Assembly, Order fulfillment or Pick and Pack service needs, please call us on: +353 1 541 5460 or email: sales@autofulfil.com.