What is OS Fulfillment and Are You Ready?


Order fulfillment refers to the entire process between an initial enquiry and delivering a product to the customer, while a fulfillment service is a third-party that can take care of this process for you. OS fulfillment takes that a step further.

However, there are many branches to every tree and many factors than can impact order fulfillment. For instance, a fulfillment service will not only count, check and verify stock but also manage every aspect of shipping the actual products. What’s more, these are some of the most complicated tasks for any business but outsourcing to a third-party can streamline order fulfillment and save time in the process


But What is OS Fulfillment Exactly?

OS Fulfillment uses technology, software and strategies to improve your business. At the very core, OS fulfillment is designed to improve the efficiency and functions of your business. For instance, with an improved order fulfillment process, you can reduce customer wait-time, remove the risk of delays, improve customer service and even increase morale within the workplace.

In this sense, you essentially close the gap between the business and your customer when you outsource to an order fulfillment service.

Now, that’s not to say you cannot improve this process without third-party assistance but rather to explain that order fulfillment services have the necessary experience and technology to get the job done.

You see, creating the right structure for this process takes time and experience, while refining this process will inevitably cost money. As a result, most businesses will eventually understand the true importance, benefits and features of using a third-party to streamline order fulfillment.


5 Main Features of OS Fulfillment Services

While an order fulfillment team will receive your products, carry out stock checks and store this inventory, the actual process takes care of much more than most businesses realize:
Advanced Receipt System – With a third-party service, every piece of inventory is received and queued appropriately for order fulfillment.
Picking Items for Shipping – Order fulfillment teams are experts when it comes to picking the right products. As you know, mistakes tend to happen during this phase but third party services can usually achieve up to 99% accuracy.
Efficient Shipping Process – OS Fulfillment tracks every aspect of Ecommerce, from that initial payment to the precise time of delivery.
Tracking System – Order fulfillment services integrate an excellent tracking system in which inventory can be managed more efficiently.
Customer Service – Third party experts can manage customer service simply by ensuring a smooth order fulfillment process that makes the customer want to come back again and again.
On the other hand, this only begins to explain the benefits of these features to OS fulfillment…


The Benefits and Importance of OS Fulfillment

When a reliable tracking system is implemented, this makes sure that inventory can meet demand. On the other hand, tracking each item can identify faults and ensure there are no problems due to damaged goods.

With OS fulfillment software, it’s also possible to categorize these products to remove delays in terms of picking these products prior to shipping. For many businesses, this is an especially useful aspect of OS fulfillment, for locating and picking products is much more time-consuming without the right software.

As you may know, this automation can also save time for any business but then also remove any costly risks related to human-errors. For example, order fulfillment software can use bar codes to quickly check and double-check inventory, while enabling members of the workforce to spend time on other areas.

As for shipping, order fulfillment services know exactly what type of shipping is needed for each individual order. Time is also a critical factor for these teams, for they realize the importance of a timely delivery and making sure that the customer is never left waiting, and certainly not left disappointed.

It’s true, OS fulfillment is an investment and with the above benefits in mind, the return on this investment can have a positive impact on every other area of your business.


Final Thoughts

OS fulfillment is an opportunity to outsource order fulfillment for your business. More specially, this technology can optimize operations to save time and money, while nurturing customer satisfaction.

When you consider the amount of time saved by outsourcing these tasks, OS fulfillment is also an efficient way to scaling your business. After all, the less time you spend stressing or worrying about order fulfillment, the more time you can spend on growing the reputation and profitability of your business.