US Companies are Choosing Ireland For eCommerce Order Fulfilment

Ireland has had a strong business relationship with the United States for years now but as economic instability with other friends of the US like the UK, Ireland offers even more promise for US customers.

Why US Companies Are Choosing Ireland For E-Commerce Order Fulfillment

In general, Ireland is very welcoming to international businesses looking to set up on our shores. With Research & Development tax credits, employment incentive schemes, grants and the fact that a company is a legal entity on its own. These factors make Ireland a good fit for e-commerce businesses and online retailers.

As a member of the EU, the only member state that shares a border with the UK (via Northern Ireland), the Republic of Ireland is ideally located to provide an accessible route into the EU and the UK regardless of whether a hard Brexit or a soft Brexit occurs. This stability is an alluring quality for the US companies, but there are more reasons that attract e-commerce companies to Ireland.

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Since 1996 Ireland has crafted a tax policy to compete on a Global scale, as a low-tax country. Remember, Ireland is an island on the outskirts of Europe so we need to incentivise Foreign Direct Investment.

The fact is, Ireland has the lowest corporate tax rate in the EU at 12.5%, actually one of the lowest in the world. Given that Ireland is incredibly accommodating to e-commerce companies, the added advantage of low corporation tax makes Ireland very appealing for companies to base their business here.

Also, Ireland has a well-educated workforce, an English-speaking workforce, with an excellent infrastructure (5 international airports) for international travellers. Furthermore, as an export nation Ireland relies heavily on global carrier networks, therefore can offer competitive shipping rates.

Best of all, Ireland facilitates US importers a stable gateway into Europe due to EU membership status, as well as a potentially favorable route into the UK once Brexit has been flushed out.

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Ireland has created a great eco-system for start-up companies through a network of supports, ranked third in Europe for the supports provided via funding and investment opportunities for early-stage companies or those experiencing growth. See Enterprise Ireland for more information.

The Irish revenue system offers remote support for e-commerce companies with electronic signatures, a regime for domain name registration, patents and the intellectual property legislation via electronic documentation. Ireland has also been quick to respond to the ever-evolving realm of e-commerce, recognising the importance of online shopping with a €2,500 online trading voucher grant for online retailers.



In June 2015, the new companies act allowed single director companies in Ireland. This is a big win for US e-commerce businesses looking to Ireland as a base to establish their company in Europe, empowering US companies to be more agile, outsourcing pick and pack services closer to EU consumers.

So if you’re a US based online retailer seeking a European base to grow EU sales, contact Autofulfil at to learn more.